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Study Tools for Junior Learners (English)

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This practical study skills workbook is aimed at younger learners between the ages of 9 and 11 years. The book is full of interesting information and practical exercises to help you study smarter and improve your recall. The following topics are covered

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Follow a daily Homework and Study program
  • How the brain learns
  • What to do to 'build' a better brain
  • Your Senses and Learning
  • Learning Preferences
  • Improve your Concentration
  • Your Study Corner
  • Reading can be Fun!
  • Be an Active Learner
  • Understanding and Summarising new work
  • Memory Techniques
  • Test and Exam Preparation
  • For Parents: How do I help my child with his/her studies

Get into a regular homework and study routing and do your best at school while you study in ways that make learning fun!

Full color workbook, 38 pages


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