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Study Skills for Senior Learners (English)

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This practical study skills workbook is intended for learners aged 12 an older. The full-color 54 page workbook will help you to learn faster and retain more of the information you learn. The following topics are covered in the workbook:

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Time Management
  • How the Brain Learns
  • Your Learning Preference
  • Multisensory Learning
  • An approach to understanding new work (SQR STR)
  • Making Summaries and Mindmaps
  • Memory Tips and Techniques
  • How to study languages
  • How to study Mathematics
  • A daily Homework and Study routine
  • Preparing for Test and Exams
  • Interpreting exam questions
  • Managing exam stress
  • Planning and doing research for assignments

Lots of hyperlinks to video clips that brings life to the explanations in the book.           Full color workbook; 54 pages © Study Toolbox

Printed Workbook out of stock. eBook available in ITSI store. Use the following hyperlink:

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